Musings by Mathilde

Seeking equilibrium through a minimal, mindful and calm life.

01. Biography

Mathilde is a heartfelt, calm-conscious minimalist who seeks equilibrium through a simple, mindful, and serene life. She balances her work life alongside her passion for reading, wellness, teaching yoga, and using her way with words to write stories & help beings of all backgrounds come back to themselves.

Alongside her 200h yoga & meditation teacher training completed in Biarritz, France, she has also completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology as well as a certification in children’s yoga. Both have allowed her to expand her natural talent with the younger generations and to share with them the benefits of a calm life.

Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.

02. Journal

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03. Contact

I currently assist brands with written content and offer one-on-one consultations to those who wish to transition towards a minimalist lifestyle. If you’d like to connect, just use the form below or email me at