Musings by Mathilde

Seeking equilibrium through a minimal, mindful and calm life.

01. Biography

Mathilde is a heartfelt, calm-conscious minimalist who seeks equilibrium through a simple, mindful, and serene life. She balances her work life alongside her passion for reading, wellness, teaching yoga, and using her way with words to help beings of all backgrounds come back to themselves.

Alongside her 200h RYT completed in Biarritz, France, she has also completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology as well as a certification in children’s yoga. Both have allowed her to expand her natural talent with the younger generations and to share with them the benefits of a calm life.

Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.

02. Journal

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03. Contact

I currently teach yoga to student-athletes and host regular mindfulness workshops for kids. I also currently offer private sessions, personalized guides, minimalism consultations and copywriting assistance. If you’d like to connect, just use the form below or email me at